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Calabaza Sailing Cruises Ltd

Covid 19 Health and Safety Protocols



To our charter guests, yacht owners, and their families, The safety of our customers and employees is our top priority. We are closely monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and are taking action based on guidance from public health experts.

In order to maintain a safe environment and address customer concerns, we are taking measures including:


Customer and Staff Safety

As has always been the case, the safety and security of our guests and staff remain our highest priority. We take great pride in maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. In response to the coronavirus threat we have taken additional measures to make our cleaning and hygiene protocols even more rigorous:



All our vehicles are sanitized, seats, handles and other most commonly touched surfaces.

A temperature check will be done before boarding the transport

It is mandatory for all our drivers to wear masks  All guests using our transportation will be required to wear masks.

Boarding transportation, the drivers will enforce sanitizing of hands


Boarding and on board time

  • We have increased the frequency of cleaning our office areas (including surfaces and door handles) using anti-bacterial spray cleaner and a disinfectant that is effective against viruses

  • In addition to our usual stringent valeting procedures which include the use of anti-bacterial cleaner, on the day of your charter we will again wipe down all surfaces with disinfectant, including the following areas:

  • Saloon

  • Galley

  • Toilet

  • Door knobs

  • Hand rails

  • Our staff follow government guidelines to minimise the risk of spread of the virus and have been issued with hand sanitiser for use when they are not in a position to use soap and water

  • Anti-bacterial stations are set up on our docks for boarding, as well as in the cockpit, saloon, galley and all bathrooms.  Sanitizers are available throughout the cruises. We ask customers to please leave any remaining cleaning products on board the yacht at the end of your charter.

  • Temperature checks will be carried out on a daily basis for all crew and staff before boarding and reporting for work.   37.5  and below temperature is cleared for boarding

  • Temperature checks will be  implemented for all guests boarding. 37.5 and below temperature is cleared for boarding

  • All items, food, materials, parts etc, will be sanitized before loading on board

  • Mandatory collection of personal contact info for all guests

  • Charter briefing will include pointing out all sanitztion stations and urge the use thereof

  • Wearing of mask will be mandatory for crew and guests

  • Social Distancing will be observed on board – 6 ft, unless it is a group travelling together or families

  • Equipment will be sanitized at the time it is handed out to guests and crew

  • Payments will be done paperless and online prior to boarding

  • We are placing signs on board, urging frequent sanitizing of hands and our procedures



We will continue to respond to the latest on COVID‑19 with customer and employee safety top of mind. Please visit our website page for further information on our efforts, which we will continually update. For additional information about the COVID-19

As always, we will strive to create a safe and enjoyable experience for your sailing journey with us.

Thank you for understanding,  trusting and supporting Calabaza Sailing Cruises

Fair winds

Calabaza Team

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