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Questions and Answers



Do I need a sailing certificate to charter a yacht?


At the moment we only offer crewed charters (with skipper).  A sailing certificate is only required for bare boat charters, should you be interested, we offer ASA (American Sailing Association) courses up to Coastal Skipper.


Can we have a chef on board?


We can organize a chef and or hostess, the rate per day is usually US$150.00 per day for each


What is the price of food?


Local food is reasonably priced and most is excellent. You will find restaurants of all levels and prices and fun to check menus. Fresh fish can be purchased directly from the fishermen - listen for the conch shell. e.g In Bequia and Kingstown 9 XCD/lb - Mustique 11 XCD/lb (subject to change)

There are big supermarkets in Kingstown and a good selection of produce in Cariaccou, Bequia/Mustique/Union/Petite Martinique. We can send you a provisioning list and stock your fridge for you so all ready on arrival


Where are the ATMs?


ATM's St Vincent - Kingstown/Bequia/Union island/Canouan/St Lucia and Grenada/Carriaco


Can I leave cash on the boat?


It is not wise to carry a lot of cash in the Caribbean as in any country in the world. Store in a safe/hidden place and when you are out do not 'flash the cash' as this does attract the wrong attention. We do have a safe on board if required


Can we buy provisions around the islands?


Most of the islands have at least one small supermarket and a bakery. We can provision your yacht so all is ready for your arrival with staples/fresh fruits/veg and drinks/wines

If we are making alternative arrangements after our holiday can Calabaza  help?


Yes we can help to organise car hire, taxi's to ferry ports etc and have a large number of local contacts for accommodation.




Is bed linen and towels provided?


Sheets/Pillow cases/Towels and T towels are provided. Please be careful when hanging to dry as the winds can send the pegs flying and the towels into the sea

PLEASE do not use sun screen P20 as this damages linens and upholstery. Sorry banned for use on board any of our yachts


What size are the towels?


Towels are bath sheet size and hand towels are also provided



Do we bring beach towels?

It is advisable to bring a spare towel for the beach if you have room in your suitcase


Is there snorkel equipment on board?

We provide masks, snorkels and fins, just need your shoe size for the fins


Can I use my hairdryer or straighteners on board?


Only when on shore power or if your yacht has a generator can hair equipment be used


Showering on board


You can shower with fresh water on board but short showers are recommended to conserve water supplies. You can fill tanks in Union/Canouan/Mayreau/Bequia/Mustique

Bequia: Daffodil will bring their barge alongside your yacht. Union/Mustique/Mayreau - see guide book for radio channel


CD Players/iPod Connections?


All of the yachts have CD players and most have AUX leads that you can connect to any device with a headphone jack.


What about fuel and water?


Fuel and water is included in the rate, however, water tanks can hold 150 gallons of water, please keep that in mind when showering,  turn on shower to get wet, turn off shower, soap and shampoo then turn on shower to rinse


I'd like a paddle board onboard, is this possible?


We have paddle boards for rental




Where can I sail to?

Your sailing area depends upon the duration of your holiday. if a week or less we recommend you stay within the Grenadines islands. For longer visits you could visit St Lucia or Carriacou and Grenada. Sailing south is more comfortable than sailing north




What happens if I need a doctor?

No worries, we have contacts on all the islands for assistance and are never to far away from the nearest islands.


Can we drink the water from the yacht tanks?


Water filters are installed in the galley for drinking water Bottled water is available everywhere. It is advisable to stock up at the beginning of your holiday and store aboard as this is the heavy item to carry. We can add this to your pre charter provisioning



Will there be someone at the airport to meet me?


If we have your flight details number and arrival time we can arrange a taxi to meet you and bring you to our base or dock.This applies to arrival and departures from Barbados or arrival and departures from the islands by air


What happens if our flight arrives late?


We check flight arrivals (providing we have your details of course) It is also helpful to us if you can text or call us to keep us informed. Your taxi will meet you at whatever time you arrive


Is the supermarket open if I arrive late?


Shops open 08:00 to 17:00. Once you complete the provision list, we can do the provisioning for you, there is no charge for this service and it will save you time and hassle


Do we have a problem with Mosquitos or biting insects?


On the beach - sand flies will start to annoy you when the sun starts to set so best to have repellent handy. Mosquitos and smaller 'no see ums' do appear sometimes at dawn and dusk so always advisable to spray before you go out in the evenings and if you are leaving your yacht to go for dinner - spray your cabins.


Is it best to bring USD or local currency?

US Dollars are accepted everywhere.  Barbados has its own currency, for ease of converting the exchange rates it is usually BDS$2.00 to US$1.00. All other islands work with XCD (East Caribbean Dollar)  XCD is used in all shops/supermarkets and restaurants. the exchange rate is fixed at 2.67 (2.7) XCD to 1 USD

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